Istočna Hercegovina, mapa i proizvodjači

Slow Food Proizvodi i proizvodjači Istočna Hercegovina, mapa i proizvodjači

Istočna Hercegovina, mapa i proizvodjači

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the country of fascinating history and cultural heritage protected by UNESCO. Its southern sunny part Herzegovina offers mountain ranges, national parks, rivers and lakes, seaside, wilderness of outstanding beauty and urban areas of charming Mediterranean towns.

What will specifically surprise you is the beauty of its rural arhchitecture built in Herzegovina main material – karst stone.There is so much charm in the simplicity of its rural houses, small mosques and churches, „stećci“ medieval tombstones protected by UNESCO, old water mills, beautiful stone bridges, irrigation weels called „dolap“ and transhumance herders houses called „katuns“.

The last Herzegovina monument, very appreciated by visitors and important for Herzegovina people is the rich food heritage represented by vaste variety of traditional products and dishes. Visit local markets and discover cheese in a sack, Bosnia and Herzegovina intangible cultural heritage, sage and heather honey, prosciutto, local fruits and vegetables, dried figues and great local wines.





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